Entrepreneur selling clothes/textiles and accessories for women and children


Hi, I am a single mother, & proprietor for the past six years of (an at home) small business called Peanoonies. I design & sew women’s & children’s clothing & accessories.I also sell really fun, beautiful textiles. I lost my small business during a divorce this last year, but have restarted it online through an Etsy shop.

Any how, I have created a web page on Kickstarter.com. It is a format for people to raise money for their creative projects.It is an attempt to get back what I have lost, and be financially stable for myself & kids.On this site you will find a description of my project, a brief biography, a one minute video of myself and links to pictures of my work & my web site.

Please check it out.I have 90 days to raise my goal of $2,200.( I have raised $1450 so far & only have 30 days left) If I make it I get to keep the funds raised, & use them for the business project described.If I do not meet the goal, then I get nothing & the whole thing is canceled.You can contribute as little as $1. I have lots of handmade textile creations, and silk screened goods I am giving as thank you gifts.Silk screened cards,t-shirts,textiles,yoga mat bags,retro clothespin bags, & a handmade vintage replicated baby crib set for a $195 pledge.

My motivation for having my home business back is to be available for my oldest son who is often hospitalized with C.F. Also I have a 6 year old son who I sure would like to be with far more than I am.

I am currently in a 6 month work/school program through Goodwill. I am working on getting my GED, and am also temporarily employed at a non profit.The plan is to go to college next fall, while I support myself & family with this business. Thanks for taking the time to read this & look at my sites. http://kck.st/czz2Ny

I also now have a face book fan page where you can see 300 photos of my work.Please check it out and become a fan!

This is my web site that I sell from.

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