Essay from Chimezie Ihekuna

Chimezie Ihekuna (Mr. Ben)
Chimezie Ihekuna

Humanity; Reconciling with Nature

Humanity depicts the remorseful;

As nature shows the resentful.

Humanity seeks reconciliation;

As evidenced in the follow-up conversation.

But humanity must apologize

For nature to recognize.

The Conversation

Humanity: I’ve tried to change your actually-designed program.

But I’m seeing an unfavourable diagram.

Nature: Oh! Now you know!

               Why stoop so low?

Humanity: I thought my fears of insecurity would be brave by my years of prosperity.

Nature: I see

Humanity: Besides, I’ve tried to tamper with your virtues

                   Only to realize I’ve been swayed from attaining my stature

Nature: You see how you’ve wronged yourself

Humanity: I’ve wronged myself

Humanity: I tried to affect your chief energy source

                   Only to realize I’m getting worse

Nature: Good to know you’re realizing!

Humanity: I’ve tried to change your truth vibration

                   Only to realize nothing but the illusion

Nature: Interesting!

Humanity: I’ve naively attempted to question your consciousness

                   Only to realize my action has tampered with my fitness

Nature: This’ incredible!

Humanity: I’ve tried to work-out a plan to negatively explore the totality of your infinite particles

                  Only to realize I’ve been moving in circles

Nature: Hmmm….A square peg in a round hole

                What a ratio of a mole!

Nature sees the genuinty of humanity’s plea

Purity of its consciousness is what Nature see

Humanity decides to switch on to the listening mode

To understand the messages of Nature’s code

Nature is about to engage humanity in communication

As evidenced in its reactions

Nature’s Reactions


Learn to understand the fact that:

I’m the universal Nourishment;

The Foundation Of Organized Development;

So, don’t act towards your detriment

I’m giving you room to be Adventurous;

The very reason for your not being (too) curious;

So, in your actions, don’t cause the precarious

I’m the worth of all Truths;

The completeness of all their roots;

So, don’t cast them away with your thought foots

I’m Universality-personified;

The reason energy is easily identified;

So, don’t let destruction be satisfied.

I’m all-Revealing;

The illumination that’s enlightening;

So, don’t dim the power of my lighting

I’m Eternal;

The infinitum of time’s material;

So, don’t be carnal

The reconciliation takes place…

Nature acceptance humanity’s apologies experiences a positive phase…

Humanity’s understanding of Nature’s information gathers great pace…

The result?

It turns out that:

Both parties experience peace;

Their mutual ease says it all

Both parties are genuinely free;

Their unrestricted activities will

Both parties are at equilibrium;

Their balancing (each other) depicts stability in momentum

Both parties witness longevity;

Their lives unveil the clarity

Both parties appreciates the reconciliation;

Their relationship portrays the cordial communication.