Essay from Chimezie Ihekuna (Mr. Ben)

Chimezie Ihekuna

Deception 7 Love is Blind         

Lyrical excerpt was read as “love is blind” Eve, a Hip-pop female star and ex-first lady of the then Ruff Ryder’s, had this time in her hit track “love is Blind,” In some romance-based blockbuster Hollywood movies, this assertion is commonly used by script writers.    

In variable it is a household name in the diary of every Tom, Dick and Harry.    On a second thought, is love really blind?         

In a game where players would have to be blind folded to become winners, does it mean they are blind?  Absolutely not! Rather, they have decided to get with the game to really become eventual winners.  In the same vein, love is a force which is translated as decision, interpreted as the ability to bring about the much-needed virtue, barring all limitations through sacrifice and painstaking effort to achieve an intended cause, even at the expense of the concern reason, nevertheless, wishing to forge ahead with this task.        

Simply, love is a recognition which can be said to be blind but can really see in the darkest of all places but however decides to go blind without necessarily feeling suspicious or insecure.         

The ‘love’ most people claim to have for others is realistically termed ‘lust’ or “infatuation”. From the previous explanation given to love, it can be deduced that love takes time for it to manifest. However, lust or infatuation has taken the place love as regret become what is heard from people who have taken into this misinterpretation lust is temporal while love is permanent love takes time to manifest while lust does not takes time.

Love is all about giving or offering value to concern while lust is a close associate of gratification.  Love is never dependent on material or financial needs but heavily dependent on the value of impact to be offered or made. From these, you can reasonably see reasons most of relationship hit the rocks. 

Lack of proper understanding of the term “love” has no doubt made some people take into the mirage “love is blind, “For any man to marry me, he must be financially capable to win my love”, and so on. These do not explain the real meaning of love. No wonder, people ‘fall in love’ and subsequently engage them self in relationship with different individuals only to ‘fall out of love’.   If you really  want to appreciate the essence of love, why not “walk on it”, that is, “walk in love”?         

Instead of “love is blind”, it is preferable to assert “love is blinding”, it can even see In the darkest of place but decides to be blind for something worth the value to be actualized.  

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