Existential ramblings…Enki4343, found in our LiveJournal community chaos_zine

This short piece, by an up and coming writer who posted in our Synchronized Chaos LiveJournal community, can also be found here, where you may leave comments and correspond with the author: http://community.livejournal.com/chaos_zine/2550.html

It’s all fiction. Reality a myth. We are all hypnotized. We think we think. We believe we know. We wish and we have faith. Only faith. Without dreams we sleep. Sleep without rest. Haunted by nightmares. Consumed by the mundane. Frightened by death. Terrified of living. Morbid ideals of ascension. We exist as though we have purpose. Aimlessly pursuing a means to an end. To what end. Existential meandering. Presupposing a begining. Begining of the end? Who has the answers. What are the questions. As if it matters. Truth is meaningless. We know without understanding. We have faith. We hope and pray for a savior. As if we are worth saving. Still we hope. We have faith in lunatics and heretics. We worship death. Yet we long for immortality. We long for the promised land. Faithful empty promise. The writing is on the wall. the signs are everywhere. If only we could read. WHAT? Our eyes are blind. Our ears are deaf. Our minds comatose. Too bad we are not mute. Inane rhetoric. We choke on propaganda. But we have faith. Seduced by impetuous imps. Abandoned in vitro. It’s all for naught. Irrelevant reverence. Misguided chaotic order. We stumble on stable ground. We stand firm with no legs to stand on. Just remember, god hates you, just not as much as me…

Answers are irrelevant. Only questions matter.