Kahlil Crawford reviews Lisa Stalvey’s memoir Food, Sex, Wine and Cigars

 Cover of Stalvey's memoir. Photo of author with a bandana standing in a kitchen.

A renowned chef, Lisa Stalvey spent the past eighteen years of her life penning her independently published cookbook-to-memoir, Food, Sex, Wine & Cigars.

A raw, experiential self-reflection; FSWC, to me, is more than a mere book – it is a Movement. Lisa embodies the literary risk-taking often absent today – a reality she, certainly, can relate to as a culinary innovator.

A personal memoir, in itself, is a massive undertaking; and to pen one, in lieu of culinary trendiness, is quite admirable. Reading Lisa Stalvey is like working in the culinary domain she previously mastered – spontaneous, intense, unpredictable, shocking..

One can never fully understand an artist’s creative process, but Food, Sex, Wine & Cigars is guaranteed to fulfill.

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