“Gravity, An Illusion”: A poem by Sam Burks

Gravity, An Illusion
by Sam Burks

I let you go

Lord knows
it was hard
to do
to accept that your wings
aren’t broken
and to move my cupped hands apart
and watch you fall
fall right through
the floor

But it was just an illusion

My eyes were entertaining my brain
as we wept by the river
as we kissed in the trees
as we died on the mountain
and as we were reborn
on two different roads
angling out
towards two opposite coasts
where we would ask ourselves:
is the sun rising or
is the sun setting?

Two questions
one answer
that couldn’t be found
in a million places

I let you go

And you came back
Lord knows
I wish you didn’t
I wish the river was dry
I wish the trees were dead
and the mountain flat
I wish the roads
went further
than this

And you watched me fall
fall right back into
your cupped hands
as the sun was rising
and setting
in your eyes

Two roads
one destination
that we
will never reach

Sam Burks is from the San Francisco Bay Area and can be reached at srburks@gmail.com.