Holly Sisson reviews Patty Lesser’s The Perfect Hand


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Reviewer, Holly Sisson, MA

Depth Psychologist

Patty Lesser's The Perfect Hand

Patty Lesser’s The Perfect Hand









Patty Lesser’s newest novel, The Perfect Hand, appears for its readers as a reflection of our modern technological world where privacy is debatable, espionage is commonplace- both as harmless acts of social media stalking and more dangerous forms of mind control. And walking through the dangers of world domination begun while hiding behind invisible walls is just what you will get in this 1990s-Milennial mashup of dogma versus atheistic scientists. The plot spirals around how people respond to the hand of life they are dealt and is woven with by the courageous hearts and minds of five friends and their families willing to go the distance.

In contrast to some of her earlier novels Patty’s New Englander charm shows up in a writing style that is direct and to the point. Not a lot of fluff or buildup. Her character development is quick and she jumps right into the story with poker metaphors driven by morality for the greater good in society.

I have reviewed a few of Patty’s novels now and they all have been veiled in spiritual and transpersonal realms of soul, ESP, and parapsychological plots. The Perfect Hand takes a turn from the invisible to the visible with the manifest actions of five best friends whose trust in one another is put to the test as “something was happening [they thought to be] beyond their control. It would challenge their relationship and change their lives forever.” As a fan of Patty’s previous plots I was not sure what to expect. In the end, the hidden depths of this story are embodied in the passion, determination and emotional suspense of a handful of friends with mindful hearts.

As a woman author with a disability, Patty has really found a talent- a gift that really will keep on giving. I have seen her writing improve and her zest for it expand like a spring blossom. Enjoy! And keep on the lookout for her other books on Goodreads and Amazon.

You may order Patty Lesser’s The Perfect Hand here.