I Saw You at Church Today – Written by Blanca Jones

Dear Jesus,

I saw you at church today, in the upraised arms of a man as he worshiped our Father God.  As his words overflowed with love, singing to our Heavenly Father, I heard your voice.  As he swayed with joy filling his very spirit I saw yours within him.  I watched you my Lord, drawn by your love as you shun through the spirit of this man, whom I did not know.  I knew it was you.

I pointed you out to my young son who stood at my side and he too recognized you, his face lighting up with a genuine joyous smile.  I saw you in this man who so reminded me of my very own brother who I carry in my prayers.  You know him Jesus.  My heart began to yearn, then I heard you Lord as you spoke to me, “Your brother too will soon be as this man, filled with my spirit as he outwardly portrays his love in worship and upraised arms.  Be comforted my daughter, rejoice in the knowledge that I carry your brother in the palm of my hand.  You entered my heart and brought me peace.

I was moved to speak to this man as the morning service came to an end to tell him how his love for you touched my heart, how you radiated through his very being!  I had to tell him the blessing he was to me this morning.  I gave him my brief story, you know it, you heard it, you were there, and he gave me his.

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That a homeless man can rejoice and sing praises to you for his circumstances, that he can see your work in his life and accept your purpose in him.  Oh my Lord, you touched me so!  “You provide”, this homeless man told me.  Through him you took my hand and told me, “your brother’s going to be okay.”  He took my brother’s name and mine and told me we’d be in his prayers.  I took his and told him he’d be in mine as well.

My dear Lord Jesus, thank you for this morning, bless this man, Rodney, he loves you so!  Watch over him and keep him safe as he continues to share his love for you and as he shares his life with others who need you. Provide for him abundantly, my Lord, with your love that sustains our very soul!  In your Heavenly name I pray my Lord Jesus, Amen.

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