“Imagine a Woman”: A prose piece by Kim Brown

Imagine a Woman
by Kim Brown


Imagine a woman who trusts and respects herself. A woman who listens to her needs and desires. Who meets them with tenderness and grace.


You are that woman, full of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and grace. You are that woman who’s gone through trials and tribulations, yet you’re still able to face the day. You are that women, who breathes and has life, that woman who can make a difference regardless of your circumstances and strife. You are that woman that God has given a second chance, God has given you chance and chance and chance. You value you, you are valued, you are loved inside of homes, walls, and hubs, you are a shining star and your heart beats as bright as your smile, you are the wow factor, inspired, the center of attention in any crowd. You value yourself and others and you are always willing to commit to change. You are Globally known in your mind and that will never change. You Queen-being with the sound mind, continue to be productive, continue to lift minds, continue to be peace, continue to be love, continue to make an impact on the man up above. And because hes kept you safe, you are full of gratitude, you have favor where ever you roam, Your whole world is behind you. Your whole world is backing you, people of importance respect you, because of your milestone attitude they always love you. But Ms. You, keep doing you, you love you like no one will ever do, and when you love others the love that comes to you is a thousand multitude, and you have the God of peace upon you. Keep your spirit clean, keep your soul right, God has never lost sight on you, Ms Ruby, Ms Soothe because you are you, and no one can do you better, you will continue to be blessed by your very own Alpha and Omega.