Jewelry Art by Kate Moore

Artist statement:

I started making jewelry in 2002 in Indiana. My life has been one very long adventure ever since. I started with stone bead work and only teaching myself how to create unique and interesting pieces of jewelry.

Armatora catena has been my company name since 2009 with an Etsy site and a jewelry blog under the  armatora catena name. Armatora catena means ‘chainmaille’ in Latin. I have been making chainmaille for 6 years and have created anything from earrings to full armor out of chainmaille.

I am currently a regular artist at CityArt Gallery in San Francisco, CA and show in the back room shows every other month or so. As well as the SF Arts Market among other art shows and galleries in San Francisco, CA and other parts of the United States.

– Kate Moore

E-mail for more information.

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