Julia Burton – poetry and accompanying image

 My name is Julia Burton. I’m 21. I started writing in middle school, when encouraged by a teacher who thought that I wrote well. I am from Lexington, Kentucky. I am also an artist, but am a student and still learning. I am looking for a publisher to publish my work, I am open to any ideas regarding the issue.  When I write, I don’t have any pre-designed poem in mind, I usually just spit out the thoughts and emotions in my head. However there are the rare occasions where something I’ve designed in my mind makes its way to the page. I am inspired by humanity itself, and the swirling emotions surrounding us.

June Whispers Undoing
Rays of golden hair        
dancing in the sky, normal morning sun
mingled with
            giddy laughter of friends
Gathered people
mulling around
            as we moved through

Lights dull by day, horns and clowns
blazing the way
through this morning.
            oh, this morning

I was rummaging, shopping for coffee mugs
when you were falling
            descending a path

There is a call
my voice shaking as I answer
something begins to sink
            so low inside of me

Stones to weigh down the time inside,
what is left
            but a pile of fallen rocks

Placed upon the dingy earth
with nowhere left
to stand
            I too, will fall

Small staggering streets
move beneath me, as we go to believe
            the blurred masses, move around me

White walls glimmer bleach
the chaplain is waiting
            to show me in

My mother is still as she
clasps your belongings
her face pale, we are all pale
            we’ve called it.

The room expands,
then collapses

To know the spark moves on
            to feel empty

We huddle like broken sticks
gripping weakly the knowledge
of you
            and the moment

How we did not see
what time so plainly could
what you told us
I know only
            the missing you

I can’t forget now
coffins and sodden earth
rackets of grief
            places you used to be

You are all around me now
lend me strength
to live
            as you did

To live
without you
in the shadows
            standing in the rain

Waiting for the sun
            to rise


You may contact Julia at murmersoftlyofthenight@gmail.com