Kate Leffler – Artist and Bullfighter


My art is an extension of my forecast into my future using images of the past and present which form my concepts and postulates for the future.

Color and movement are integral parts which I use to weave a tapestry of emotion and passion on my canvas. These are life, these are what makes up my future.

Tuaromachia (bullfighting) is a passion that more and more women breaking into and this is a future I paint, I breathe,I live for and execute. For nothing can emote that passion but the gusano in my blood when I face death, the toro, my art, the color, the passion.

I’ve painted for most my life and it has always been a refuge to explore and put into the future what I dream.

Kate Leffler may be reached at artbravo@earthlink.net and recently exhibited her work at a MySoiree.com event in Berkeley.




One thought on “Kate Leffler – Artist and Bullfighter

  1. always inspiring to meet one who lives passionately and compassionately, an event that made my day yesterday, and then some!
    …..and interesting that our meeting happened
    “a las cinco de la tarde”

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