Kimberly Brown on Alison Nancye’s Note to Self



Alison Nancye’s Note to Self is the perfect book for any individual struggling with making life work for them: school, career, family life in general.
(Main character) Beth shows up and checks out, then rediscovers her own life.
Through her transformation, she shows us that it is okay to live our lives according to our own standards. Living up to others’ expectations can leave you stagnated. Beth allows us  to see that simply going along with how others think that we should live, will leave us in a painful, sorrowful and dead-end life.  Beth allows us to see how we can just end up hating our lives and others if we fall into the grips of what others think we ought to be. Beth gives us the courage to stand up to our assailants, whether family, colleagues or foes. She shows us that we can call on God, even when we are not relentless churchgoers, and He will answer our calls. She demonstrates how in her story, time after time, she has called upon God, and how He is so anxious to guide her to a new and improved Beth, and a new life.  She also is exemplifying the need for God’s direction and help, as to what to do next and God is sure to show her that the answers are all inside of her. If and when she decides to follow her own heart, she will then have the mind and capacity to live and make a new life.
Beth is the perfect example of many people in the world, young or old, who have yet to find their life’s purpose. Stuck in a world where demands and expectations are already set by both family and society, we need, along with Beth- to learn to let go, and love ourselves, and most importantly, to live. Through the freedom of self-will and living like Beth, one can discover a strength that one didn’t know was there. Whatever it is that we are searching for in life- it will never be obtained or become reality without our stepping out and doing it for ourselves. We were all born to live, but how can we live if we are not living for ourselves, when our mind and body and thoughts are not our own? 
Beth teaches us to live the way that we should, to welcome love, compassion, and growth; to make decisions that we can live and be happy with. Beth teaches us how important it is to live and to focus, and to love the positive players that influence our lives. These are the things that will keep us on track. Regardless of who we’ve grown up with, or who gave us our job, if these people don’t feed our souls with positive reinforcement, we must break contact off with those types of people, to allow an army of positive figures to come in and fill our lives. Beth is brave and courageous-she steps out in life, leaving her old dragged down life behind, after discovering that little voice in her head, along with some loving and compassionate people along the way who cause her to think differently.
Beth is clearly mindful of who she is- she had yet to live with who she was, so she is telling and teaching us that we should remain clear in mind at all times. Although people in life can be critical, it’s better to make choices that best suit our lives and the lifestyles that we want to live.
Beth also reminds us to take pride in our appearance. We never know who’s watching us and who we are attracting, and we want the best – not neck bones that were left over, from the trash. We are all in this life struggle together-if you teach a soul and take time to encourage a soul, it becomes better for your own.
Regardless of how hard the struggle, keep going. No one ever made it to their goal in life by being idle, so when opportunity knocks, go for it. Go for your dreams. They may seem impossible to obtain, but with dedication and consistency, you can reach them. There is nothing in life that is impossible.
Appreciation for life, no matter the state that you are living in, plays a huge part in your happiness. Take the time to see where you are at, and learn to appreciate what you have and work towards better things in life. Anything is obtainable.
With the help of God and good people, you are your ultimate guide, with the power to do anything that you desire on earth. If you are feeling like a carbon copy, this boo, Note to Self, shows you how to access your inner dreams and enjoy yourself and the life around you, by just living. Not just existing and living for other people and their beliefs, but creating your own goals, finding a path and walking it alone, leaving your own tracks.  
Beth, just as I do , believes that we are all Stars. Small or big, rich or poor, everyone has a story and beautiful life, or past experience and wisdom to offer to the world. All we have to do is show up, and reap the great benefits of living, by living from OUR HEARTS rather than anyone else’s…
Go out, good people, and just as Beth did, use your instincts and rational thinking to learn, build and find yourself.
Kimberly Luves is a writer and critic from Palo Alto, California. She appreciates feedback and may be reached at