Kimberly Brown reviews Linda Baron-Katz’ Peter and Lisa

Peter & Lisa

A Mental Illness Children’s story

By Charles Katz & Linda Baron Katz


To every problem in life there is always a great resolution.

In this small read about two people battling two different mental illnesses, we can see that it’s not a death sentence and nothing to be ashamed of but it is a most common thing that occurs in many humans: men, women, boys and girls. I think that anyone who is suffering from a sick mind, unwanted feelings or thoughts but who is able to recognize these abnormal feelings and thoughts is already on the road to recovery.

Mental illness is something that many people are ashamed of. For many people mental illness can be apart of their genetic makeup, or developed during traumatic life events and occurrences, or through one’s environment and life experiences. This book shows us how two brave individuals had the courage to seek help after struggling with mood swings and sadness for long periods of time. After proper medical treatment these two characters in the book, Peter and Lisa, were able to live healthy and normal lives.

Through self-awareness and education, the battles that many humans face with mental illness can be won. People can go on to live healthy lifestyles with the support of medicine, family and supportive friends. People with mental illness or who have suffered from them in the past can go on to live productive and healthy lives.

What people need to know is that mental illness is a battle that you cannot overcome just through your own self-will. There are many people who suffer today with depression and bipolar disease, and there are medicines and support groups and family and friends that can help. If you are suffering in silence please reach out to someone that you can trust, get help, and let the alcohol and drugs alone as they are the number one contributors to mental illness and disease. Get involved, talk to your doctor, school nurse and counselor, and mental health officials and get support. Support from others feels so great when you feel as though you’re isolated and desolate and need some one to talk to. Everyone needs some one that they can talk to, rely on and depend on, so if you are suffering from mental illness, God has put some great doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and friends and family members and even strangers here on earth to help you to heal. There is always someone willing and wanting to help a person with mental illness to push through and past their inner demons that paralyze them from having a normal and successful life.

Mental illness is not an insurmountable problem unless you don’t get help. There are millions of people who are affected by mental illness and there are several ways back to a resilient mental state. Get help for yourself and for your family. Life is to be lived to its fullest and for people suffering from mental illness, the time is now to be healed. Get help and advocate to help others, get help and have a peaceful life, get help and loosen the burdens of family and friends, get help and embark on a new beginning.

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