Lewis Mark Grimes reviews Linda and Charles Katz’ children’s book Peter and Lisa

Peter and Lisa by Linda and Charles Katz
Thank you for the opportunity to read this prescriptive children’s book. I was impressed. This is a difficult subject to undertake. It’s necessary writing and important. As a genre, there may be a terrific need for books for children like this. I don’t ordinarily read this category. Therefore I may be a poor judge or at least irrelevant. I did sell some children’s lit as an agent, so I’m not without some credibility.
I loved the illustrations. They are moody and evocative. The idea was interesting. I wondered if the authors had shown their text to any pediatric psychiatrists? I raise this in response to the choice to describe depression by other phrases. If we as adults have attached stigma to a word such as depression, why would we want to reinforce that in possibly the first book a child might reach for?
I also wondered if the authors had shown the book to librarians in the juvenile room? Since I am not reading juvenile literary works any more, let me just part by saying there is a positive need for books like this. I hope Peter & Lisa leads the pack.