Mateo Jaimes – capturing the moment, hypothetical communication


Local San Francisco Bay Area artist Mateo Jaimes, who recently exhibited work at San Francisco’s Artist Exchange, has a couple new series of paintings. Abstract in style, the work strives to convey particular aspects of physical scenes or ideas.

Eucalyptus represents his walk through an eucalyptus forest, his attempts at capturing the exact look of one of many fleeting moments: the intensity of various sources of light, the exact colors of each natural object. Ocean Communication, a thought experiment, poses some possibilities for how a non-Western island culture might communicate if they had never encountered modern languages. The symbols in Ocean Communication speak to art’s ability to probe the ‘other,’ the unknown in its various forms, through imagination, and the seemingly near-universal drive to communicate and be heard.

All paintings are wood panel, created with acrylic and oils.

Please peruse Jaimes’ work on his website: