‘Milk and Honey,’ a poem by Michellina van Loder


Milk and Honey

Forgo honey

forgo milk

pocket the money

and lie to your ilk

ameliorate wounds

with hunger pangs

all consumed

laying in your princess bed

cheek bones


in dewy skin

youth wasting away

skinny, slim, thin

tiny, small, smaller

no curves left now

hips sharp peaks

of pride;

an ego in control

don’t let me go

don’t let me go

I’m so hungry so

no, no, no…

so lonely

yet never alone

in this insistent chatter:

You’ll never be good enough.

You’re too fat.

Don’t eat that.

Don’t eat.




Michellina van Loder
PW&E student
Victoria University

2 thoughts on “‘Milk and Honey,’ a poem by Michellina van Loder

  1. Wow, that is really powerful. Only recently have I been okay with pictures of myself (sick and a lot heavier than I ever thought I’d be). But even then, sometimes I won’t “share” or “post” those pictures–cowardly. But even when I was skinny minnie in high school, I still heard those voices…. Excellent poem.

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