More conceptual, visual art – Siiri Korhonen

Hello. I’m S. Korhonen, known as Anáryawe, far too young to be taken seriously, and from Finland.

Currently I do images, working with non-digital equipment. For me making art is more about the process than the result – for me it’s  leaping into the general mishmash of everything a.ka. into the chaos, and trying to discover and figure out some pieces I see&feel&sense there and bring them some form. It makes me feel worth something and I have nothing better to do. Mostly I combine drawing and painting and collage forms of art and put these works on the Internet, but I also photograph and write and mime and make music, cause for me irrational life is art and irrational art is life. 

Spontaneously organized chaos could very easily be used as an explanation of my whole attitude towards life.

Siiri’s Deviant Art gallery:

Art below – “Cold Irons Bound,” “For Nothing” and “Untitled.”

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