“My Life Today”: A poem by Kim Brown

Life is a mixture of blessings and curses?

I’m grieving for my soul in the world; I’m all tuckered out!

I opened my soul back up to this wicked world; seemed like the contented way to live?

Dummy laxed in this crooked old world; the world lacks in thought and care.

my soul irritated and disgusted by tradition and religion. I am who God called, not a clone!

Although I’ve come so far; lately loose, unbalanced and, incomplete.

My genetic make-up is Human; I know God feels me, I know He hears me, when my heart speaks!

God cannot and will not lie; his word lives forever and gives life to lost souls alike!

His forgiveness allows me to shine. I empower, I encourage and motivate others in his truth.

My heavenly father for my own guidance and insight.

I went out on a limb for trouble, the troubled world realm

Overjoyed by mildstone success; Still it seems that I could care less

I could care less about me; even my enemies are my friends

My feelings are induced by my privacy use.

I know that the key to winning the day.

I’ve been sober thinking and chatty writing with God.

I’m so grateful for a God who loves a sinner like me

I am a repeated offender of the sin He doesn’t approve of

I am not worthy of disciple obligation; according to his wisdom and truth.

Still I’m just real; my deceitful attempts won’t crown me world’s greatest champion.

God has promised to give me a new start; a peaceful and abundant march.

I am a walking miracle; one whose mind and heart God changed for the better.

One whose internal scars and wounds were healed because of my belief in Him

”Christ Jesus” that is… He died so that I could live, as graceful as he did.

I have knowledge, wisdom, and understanding; Love for all, I’m real!

Because of God I am honest and live in truth.

I am a servant and not a savior, a mediator and not a pleaser of Men.

I am who I’ve been created for in Him.

I am multi-talented women; I recognize my God given gifts!

Because my Father and heaven loves me so much. He even expresses love to me through foes!

Dear God you are the way; Father Thank you for holding on to me!

I know I’m only human and I will make mistakes…


Continue to clean my mind, body, and soul!!

Flood my surroundings, with people who mimic your temperament and ways!

Give me the courage to live out your life plan for me…

Dear Lord let me be a successful vessel, and steward for you

Let my Cup over flow, with countless blessings like a river bank every day!

Thank you for spiritual freedom and liberty; thank you for giving me back me!

In Jesus’ Name