Opportunities for writers: prose from economists, social media mentorship, donate visual art/live music for a good cause!


First of all – Robert Burns Nixon Jr., a business consultant with RGG Global Business Networks, is compiling and publishing an anthology of essays, short stories, and poetry related to economics/business/finance and related fields. He’s looking for writing from economics professionals, and will send guidelines to anyone who contacts him at werkstattedirectorysubmission@gmail.com

Also, Kathryn Salvador, interior designer and milliner/hatmaker, seeks a mentor and publicist skilled with social media and blogging. She’ll trade her professional services and/or write a letter of recommendation or serve as a reference for you in exchange – please contact her at bohemiainteriors@sbcglobal.net

Jacquelyn Neubaur is co-organizing the Social Awareness Fashion Film Festival, where emerging filmmakers will present documentaries they have produced which raise awareness concerning various social and ecological issues local to San Francisco. The event hopes to raise funds for local grassroots organizations and to provide exposure for the emerging documentarians.

They’re expecting the event to take place sometime this coming October and have put out the call for volunteer musicians who would like to perform live, artists who’d like to send prints of their work for possible display, fashion designers and models, etc. Goal is to draw folks in with all types of entertainment, then get them to watch the videos, learn about social issues, and then donate/volunteer for worthy local causes.

Neubaur’s group eventually wants to broaden their focus to encompass the rest of the world, but is starting small and just working with San Francisco right now. They’re also interested in hearing from grassroots groups in SF which are addressing local issues, and possibly from filmmakers, although Neubaur has connections in the film industry.

If you’re interested in offering art/music/fashion design services or you’re with a local SF nonprofit, please contact Jacquelyn Neubaur at jacquelynneubaur@gmail.com