Paintings by James Pollard

“The Enigmatic Moment: Episode Two”

About “The Enigmatic Moment: Episode Two” (from the artist):

This body of work is an extension of my B.F.A. exhibition in 2010, which reveals the intimate relationship between the artist and the subject matter.  The figures represent the muse. Despite their beauty, do not engage the viewer with a windfall of emotion.  They represent ordinary people that are in extraordinary circumstances beyond their control.  These paintings are a secret view of the art world of which I am a mere receiver of images and ideas.  The ideas come in a flash while the execution on a formalistic level requires many coats of primer and layers of acrylic paints, diluted with medium.  I also sand out the lumps with rough grit sandpaper.

Although the viewer may feel somewhat left in limbo, but can at least eavesdrop on an important conversation between the creator and the creation.  I also rely on Dadaism, and Surrealism, quite heavily to evoke the mood of the viewer with the dank interior scenes.  The viewer is left to determine the hidden narrative, and many will see varying interpretations of the mysterious intent.

– James H. Pollard

James H. Pollard received a B.F.A in Pictorial Arts from San Jose State School of Art and Design, fall 2010. His work has been exhibited throughout San Jose, California.

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