Paintings by Jennifer Wildermuth

Says Wildermuth of her art:

“In this world there are many places to see and many ways of seeing. I paint combinations of landscapes from around the world, which are not usually seen together. The separate landscapes are brought into a close relationship that unites them into a single expression that can’ t be seen in the natural world but rather refers to the world of imagination or memory. I choose to paint these invented landscapes to reflect and remind myself of the places I’ve been, as well take my memories of these lands one step farther into the land of wistful fantasy. These combinations cause me to reflect on the sacredness of our natural places and the curiosity to see even more of this great wide world.”

Current news about the artist:

She recently got married and spent a few months traveling around South East Asia. After she returned, she began a new series of landscape paintings based on those travels. She explains her process for this series in her blog at

Additional work can be found at

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