Passing on the word from a SF Bay Area community group: Drive to assist Burmese Refugees

Reposted from a San Francisco Bay Area Craigslist post:

If people are interested I will call in the morning for more information about the group to which the donations are going and what they do. I personally know people from Burma and they have lived through the situation described in the Wikipedia blurb with political repression, poverty, violence, and fear.

Also, the situation with the Dineh tribe being forced off their land for a mining project which has yet to financially benefit the impoverished tribe members which Dee Allen describes in one of his essays is real also. I used to volunteer with UC Davis’ Whole Earth cultural/environmental festival and they brought in elders from the Dineh tribe as well as people who had worked with them…just received an email from the festival people concerning the Dineh tonight. Encourage readers to read up on the situation in the Southwestern U.S. and to consider providing at least moral support for a fair solution with respect for all involved.

Hello all,
We’re looking for clothes, canned or packaged food for Burmese refugees that are living here in the bay area. The people living in Burma have been under military control for the last 40 years or so, and many of the citizens have been victims of false imprisonment, torture, and murder by the military junta. The rest of the world witnessed how bad conditions are there after the 2007 Cyclone, when the government left 1000’s of dead bodies to rot in and around living area’s, causing disease and infection to spread throughout the villages. There are a few lucky enough to have escaped to the U.S, but these people are finding it very tough to survive here due to the language barrier. It’s very hard for them to communicate enough to find jobs or other services they need.
If interested in donating I can pick up or you’re welcome to drop off any donations. Unfortunately I can only make pickups around San Francisco. The drive ends May 1st. Any donations are appreciated.
You can call or email for donations.

Thank You,