Patsy Ledbetter – Teacher’s Vignette

If you ever feel forgotten, unimportant or just down in the dumps, hear this…

Today I subbed for a third grade girl. All of a sudden, she blurted out…”You were my substitute on January 14 for Art.”  I said….”How on earth did you remember the exact day I subbed for you?”  “I remember the day because it is my birthday!”  “Oh, yes of course you would,” I replied.  I had had an exceptionally hard day in that Art class, but one person remembered I was there and I taught her on her Birthday. Nothing is wasted in God’s kingdom!  Love, Patsy

Patsy Ledbetter sings and serves in local orchestras as a classically trained violinist in addition to teaching art, and wished to share this thought with our readers. She may be reached at