Personal Stories from Patsy Ledbetter

Our All-Seeing God

Every Christmas I pray for one special Christmas miracle. The Lord burdens my heart about a certain need. I pray about it and have others pray.  Then, I look expectantly to the Lord for His will and His way in answering.  Long ago I told the Lord I wanted His will in the answers. His plan is so creative and perfect It is usually so different than anything I could have ever imagined. His timing is just right.  He cares for each person so completely, even in the midst of our human struggles.

This year I am praying that a blind student of mine and her roommate will have somewhere to go on Christmas Eve. The leader at the group home where they live does not take them to a community Christmas Party because they have trouble walking up stairs. I thought of inviting them to my house, but I also have some stairs they would have to maneuver.  I am going to leave this in the Lord’s hands and see what He has planned. He loves these ladies who claim Him as their all seeing, all knowing Savior.  O lord, please allow these precious ones to see You in all of your glory this Christmas Season and to experience a wonderful time of fellowship in You.

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Encouragement From An Old Friend

The weekend was extra long and I was ready to do some hiking, reading, cooking and relaxing…refusing to think about my normal responsibilities.  Knowing we were headed into a very busy Holiday season, I wanted to just forget any problems that might surface in the next few months.

I was on my way home and decided to stop into Trader Joes for a few of my favorite things.  All of a sudden, someone was speaking to me.  “I know you,” she said.  Her face looked so familiar, but I was searching my memory for a name.  We chatted and then she mentioned the Christmas Show we are both a part of.  Ah yes, I knew now and yet she had moved out of the area for several years so I hadn’t seen her in awhile.  The day previous to this, I had been really discouraged and now, here she was…..a face from the past ready to encourage me once again and help me to focus my priorities on what is really important. She spoke again, this time with passionate conviction. “Four years ago when you were my substitute teacher, you introduced me to the director of the Christmas production at the church.  At that time, I met Jesus and began using my ballet dancing for Him. Then I moved away and entered into a dark part of my life.  Now I’m back in church, dancing in this year’s Christmas production, loving the fact that I am serving Him with my talent once again. Thank-you for telling me about the church ministry.” I mumbled something gracious and left, almost in tears.  I heard His voice speaking to me….”This is why you are involved in the production…to pray for others and encourage them…. by introducing them to the Savior.” I spoke inaudibly to my Lord… ” I always know that Jesus, but I have to be reminded all the time.  I love serving You.  It is an honor like no other. Thank you for continuing to use me in spite of my imperfections.  I love you Lord.”  God’s ways are so completely perfect and yet mysterious, always going above and beyond anything we could ever ask for or think.  He is worthy of all our praise.

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