Poetry from Leticia Garcia Bradford

Out Of Grasp
I try hard
to overcome hurdles
fast approaching
Yet in every sense of the word
I feel like a failure
Get closer to the prize
Before it slips away
Buy that lottery ticket
full of hope fingers crossed
Pinching pennies to pay the rent
Swinging high, but not enough
to release all my troubles
Running to catch the bus
watching it go by
the bus stop, a mere 500 feet away
Grasping a beautiful rose
pricking my fingers
Luscious plump berries
hiding behind a cave of thorns
Extending my hand toward
ripe fruit on the tree
avocados, apricots, pomegranates
The car breaking down
before the next paycheck
Speeding reading the library book
finishing after due date
Are late fees a sin?
Needing more drugs
to stave off depression
I feel like I’m running
behind the pack
I wake up each day
to start anew
I put a smile on my face
to fake it
All my insecurities and woes
put into a bottomless pot
shoved high above on the shelf
Yet still within reach
Why can’t my uncertainties be
out of grasp?
Does the imposter syndrome ever
find a cure?
Leticia Garcia Bradford is a poet, playwright and publisher. In 2014 she founded B Street Writers Collective (BSWC), Hayward, CA – a community of writers both amateur and professional. Her numerous poems and stories have been published in local and national journals. She edited and published BSWC’s anthologies FLY WITH ME (2016) and WHAT IS LOVE (2018.)  A year ago, Leticia founded her publishing company MoonShine Star Co. In 2017, she toured around the entire SF Bay Area with her poetry and stories at open mics and readings. Check out her website: bradford-productions.com

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