Poem from Arthur Ford

INSURRECTION!                               January 12,2021

(January 6, 2021)


That insurrection

Was not a resurrection

For it took five lives away,

We’re a land of laws

Not window-climbing claws

Led by, a tyrant’s dismay.

One stupid led “the stupids”


Unfound conspiracies and lies

Brazing malignant hopes

Dead flags and ropes

And constitutional spies!!

He “flew the coup”

Before “Lady Liberty” could scoop

And push the truth down his foaming mouth,

He thinks he’s wanted

But his future is very haunted

In the bayous of the deep, deep south.

Now, the lesson to be learned

Is our concern

That America don’t quit, but quotes:

          “We’re a poor man’s land

          Seeking chances to advance

          And our powers are in, our votes.”

BY: Arthur C. Ford, Sr., poet/lyricist, editor of “The Pen”(of Pgh., PA.)

Copyright, A.C.Ford, Sr., 2021

BIO-SKETCH OF Arthur C. Ford,Sr.

Arthur C. Ford,Sr., was born and bred in New Orleans,LA.. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern University in New Orleans, where he also studied creative writing and was a member of the Drama Society. He performed the lead role in Ossie Davis’s “Purlie Victorious.”

          He has visited 45 states in America and resided for 2 years in Brussels, Belgium(Europe).His poetry(lyrics) and prose have been published throughout America, Canada,etc. He travelled for 30 days(July,2011) to various cities in the country of India.

          He presently resides in Pittsburgh,PA., and continues to write and publish a quarterly poetry newsletter called “The Pen”(http://thepoetbandcompany.yolasite.com(Click on guidelines at the top of the page).