Poem from Husain Abdulhay

Sui generis

one day i wanted to be top on the news
while watching superstars on boob tube
i dreamt of it as a whim for no bona fide proof
howbeit, my dream came into reality
like a raw fruit, a tenderfoot
i was high in a jubilant mood
heading for Hollywood
donning a la mode tuxedo
while I was afoot to give my first stage debut
that was like a rendezvous
potpourri of confetti firing into air all aglow
over Miss Celebrity, the bride, and Daffodil, my nom de plume, the groom
i was like a seed abloom
going to Tinseltown
i made my best clean sweep
riding on the moon, touching sky on its roof
i fell between two stools
when i was making good
turning myself into a tycoon
i was stuck in a groove
waving at throng from my limo’s sunroof
to leave it for no good
paparazzi had poke all around in pursuit
high and low, they snooped
this story can be true
but keep it entre nous
everyone can be Santa Claus in the Yule
take it as a dandy boon
after all these years i’ve been through
let me tell you the truth
i’ve become for this too old
growing long in the tooth
you live in a cutthroat vale
maybe you’ve heard of this de trop
easy come easy go
life is full of turpitudes
be careful not to lean on a slipper dude
you also find this abstruse
but get off on the right foot
i had repeatedly fallen into lock horns
you won’t find a rose with no thorn
no one can keep a good man down
even by running him out of town
we may grow up living in forest of fient
big waves whip barques by cat-o’-nine-tails
but they never ever lose
enlace tight your own combat boot
even when someone gets on your nose
mens sana in corpora sano
you might find a foe who would inspire you
whilst a cunning cully meaning to deracinate you
no one will be a dead ringer for you if you believe
take the life on life’s term as tickety-boo

Bio: Husain Abdulhay has poems published in Alban Lake Publishing,
Avocet, Cacti Fur, Eskimo Pie, Fib Review, Foliate Oak, Jellyfish
Whispers, Madness Muse Press, Quail Bell Magazine, Scarlet Leaf
Review, Soul-Lit, and Ygdrasil.