Poem from Michael Noel

It was a dark and stormy night the pirate ship appeared on the horizon. Be sure
that you put in your punctuation as you go along verbally it was a dark and stormy
night, or semicolon here or if you want something yeah I know at the time as we got
It was your eyes mainly the made the meaning clear.
KING of the Surf Guitar (in memory of Dick Dale)
The roar at the Rendezvous Ballroom  in Balboa is muted
by four thousand dancers. An Armenian descendant
Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar drums his Stratocaster
Leo Fender is in the hall, reveals a new louder amplifier
The heaviest sixty gauge “e’ string ripples,
curl and gurgles like the tongue of the wave
“No drugs by anyone in my band” Dick announces.
Four thousand stomping surfers swim dance to meet the
Musical wave…have never heard the Armenian folk song
Misalou” played as fast or at such volume.
Before wet suits , before the *berglass board.
Surf music was born from  embryo in Beirut.
And broke on the shores of Santa Monica…
Giving birth to heavy metal…and
the greatest American contribution to
Civilization …Surf Music
                                ~Michael Noel