Poem from Yusuf Baba Mohamed


Author Yusuf Baba Mohammed


Who has strangled you
That your voice no longer echo
In the four walls of the black room?
I thought you got no more shackles
I thought you live no more in bondage.
If your freedom is free
Why will your voice tremble
Like startled slave caught in chains?
To my pains
I see no dream of sliver spoon
In between your sadden lips
Neither did I foresee it in your rebirth
May the lyrics by the ancestral hands
Save you in their songs
That shall be sang by births
May your freedom be free
To let your voice be muscles
Of a giant again.
Yusuf BM (YBM) is a poet, writer, spoken word artist, motivational speaker and a photographer. Yusuf is a member of the Hilltop Art Center Minna, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and SEVHAGE Publishers, as well as Founder/C.E.O of Teen Poetic Globe (TPG); a platform aimed at encouraging young artists around the globe and to promote poetry culture. He is also a blogger owning a blog known as Giant Tori-Tori Media Plus.