Poems from Danish writer Kamilla Boegedal


Deprived of positive thinking

The moon  

the dark side of the moon

The stars, the snow  they glitter at noon

The universe  

the universe contradicts me

But why  am I lost so easily?

It all adds up  

it all makes sense

There is no moon  

there is no conscience  

there is no coincidence

There is no noon.


If i climb high enough Into heaven

and bring down a piece of it

maybe seven

Could you believe me then

Proof in hands

or would your blindness of heart

contaminate the chance

of ever convincing you

To see What I see

Just be

What you are and can be





I have looked the sun straight in the eye

I was invited, he said he’d got nothing to hide

So I took off my glasses and I took a good look

At what I’d just yesterday mistook  

For an ordinary ball of light

No glamour, no spite

Yet now the Sun of suns was in my sight

And I felt my whole foundation shook

So I peeled off my skin and I threw it away

So that I may live in the land of forever day.



Conclusion by poetry

What if this life was just a cartoon

as dark as the moon

Would we be the heroes on a flying ship

Controlled by a chip

I should fly and save the world

my ego so twirled

These faces are much too beautiful

all, too, so hurtful

Maybe the cartoonists should leave the rest

only design the crest

And to all of us leave the best

making this life not a cartoon


… But a contest


Kamilla Boegdal is a young writer from Denmark. She may be reached at kamillaboegedal@gmail.com


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