Poems from Mahbub

Mahbub, a Bangladeshi author and English teacher

The Victim of  Erosion

Dreams are floating on the river

Cries are pouring in the rain

It is the erosion of the river

Takes away the heart of the people

Transferred from this place to other

A place to the unknown

This is the land of rivers

All goes dry in the summer season

Have been filled with silt and sand

Go full to the brim in the rainy season

Water spread around

Devours the ground

Losing the land and property

Lament for lying in open sky

Not to find any food and shelter

Years after years this going on as usual

We are the only silent visitors

No step to remove the disaster

O dear, come and see the condition

How people pass their time in such miserable condition?

The sky calls to mingle with

Try to fly away with the wind

But they are to remain at the place

As the stagnant water

No way to pray for

Nor way to die for

No way to run for

Ah! What shows the life here?

Always cry out in silence.


The Days Gone By

I can reside on the glorious past

Those moments are not only the moments

Shows the light in my heart

It was the rainy season

The silence of time sweeps on the water

I caught the fishes from the ponds with the fishing lines

Oh how glittering blazed the light in my eyes

Rushed to my mother

How tasty cooked or dried!

I arranged the team at afternoon

Playing football, cricket or badminton

Came back home at the evening and took my bath

How fresh it was my mind and body

How sound the sleep slept!

Now sometimes my heart beats so high

Like to reside on the moments

So sweet, so blissful the days gone by.


Give Me

Give me a glass of water

I’ll quench my thirst

Give me a hand or heart

I’ll cross the bar

Give me an eye for love

I’ll find the way to run

Give me a chance to watch the world

I’ll feel fresh and it will remove all the darkness

Give me the way you don’t mean

I’ll find the right track

Give me a voice soothing or loving

I’ll sleep and find you in my sweet dream

Give me a shade to rest in

I’ll gain the power to live in the green

Give me your dictation

I’ll fill up my blank page

And try to follow them for future

Sound me the mew

I can be conscious to move

Show me the water you flow around

I’ll surely die on the vast world where

The creators will compose so many stories or novels

We’ll quench our thirst for ever.



Death is the cloth spinning to infinity

Over the body it rounds the white piece

Removes the darkness

Death is the vortex of systematic race

Death is not the destruction

A condition to take rest

A nice farewell

We came from the unknown

We leave for the same

I want to be naked to my soul

I want to find my peace to the goal

O lord, deaths are waiting so hungrily

Through me out

Don’t cry for me, dear

We are at the same station to get into

We see ourselves in the middle of swirling wind

A certain place

I do have my belief

Our Almighty will turn us back

Getting together we must lead a peaceful happy life.


The Connection Tower

Facing the sky to the revolving world

You are always busy to connect us

You make the whole world together

O Tower, you catch the voice floating in the air

I am here

You are there

Not at all

We always abide by very near and dear

As lying in the same bed reflecting the image

Both paying loving eyes face to face

We all united one

O dear, you are so near my loving figure

We take our breath sighing together

Stand together, sit by, lie before the same mirror

Folding the physique, imagine the practical

Draw the virtues

Not hundred and thousand miles away from each other

We all walk hand in hand, lie in the same bed

Wake up in the morning under the same sky

O Tower, you soar to the sky

Bound our breast connecting all.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh