Poetry and paintings from Jeongeui



I like a stream and tree in the mountains.
The objects make me always heal and purify my mind and it makes me
think of life.

Sadness, bitterness, unhappiness was under the water
but they are leaving now with the running water, maybe already gone.
Mean while, I can see positive hope and delight and much of the love I receive in the sunshine pouring on the rock.

I’m basking in the sunshine.
I feel that no good thing never dies.

Life is still beautiful……………….


3 thoughts on “Poetry and paintings from Jeongeui

  1. Jeongeui
    what Beautiful paintings and Poetry
    you are truly talented please continue with your love of Art.

    Yes Life can be beautiful

    • Dearest Jeongeui, We like your paintings very much and are looking forward to more as beautiful ones as are those on display. We can feel your gentle soul and mind behind your paintings! Please, continue your artistic activities for your own and other peopleĀ“s benefit! Love from Yours, R. and J. from the Czech Republic

  2. Movement is life.

    The moving stream reminds me that our planet is alive. The streams are like arteries that nourish mother Earth. There is a peaceful calm on the banks of the stream. The trees provide protection. Although, not just protection from the elements, but for the creatures that drink from the stream. Movement is life!

    Protect your heart.
    I love the red and pink flowers in the foreground with the strong mountains in the background. I can sense the flowers moving back and forth in the wind. But all the while, protected to some degree by the mountains in the background. The swaying flowers symbolize my heart and the painting is reminding me that I need to protect my heart. My heart is alive. It moves. It responds. But it is important to protect your heart.

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