Poetry by J’Rie B. Elliott


A flower will die without sunlight
Delivering it’s warming ray.
A flower will die without the rain,
To wash over every day.

We tend flowers and tend them well
Therefore, they bloom with all their might.
We give them time, and space for rain,
And that ever needed light.

However, if the rains are slow to come,
Or the sun refuses to shine,
The flowers will die, but do not feel it.
They will be back in time.

However, we have another flower,
To which we must attend.
This flower is given for us to grow.
To feed, to love, to friend.

J’Rie B. Elliott is a poetess and ongoing contributor of Synchronized Chaos. To contact her, send an email to dixiepoet@gmail.com.


This flower is the most important one,
One we cannot live without,
But we hurt our little flowers
With every angry shout.

We stomp out little flowers
With the hurtful words we say.
We make it hard for our flowers to grow,
With all our hateful ways.

Our little flowers will hide the pain,
So no one else will know.
And having to hide it all inside
Makes it difficult to grow.

But just as our actions can knock them down,
And makes them not to grow.
So can our actions, lift them up,
Lift them up so the light can show.

We can lift them with acceptance.
We can lift them with understanding.
We can lift them by not judging
Where someone else is standing.

So go and help your flowers bloom
Each and every day,
And remember that theses little flowers,
Hear every word we say.

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