Poetry by J’Rie Elliott


It started with a smile one day.
It started with a touch.
How was I to know he felt that way,
That I could mean so much?

You hear these things sung in songs,
Or written in sweet rhymes.
You never think these things are true,
That they can happen in your time.

But hearts, they crave,
And hearts, they long,
And hearts, they run away,
Until the day that they find home,
And then forever stay.

He touched my hand.
He touched my heart.
He touched my soul as well.

Then one day I was given away,
Inside my wedding veil.

He gave me his heart.
He gave me his name.
He gave me his babies too.

And never have I regretted the day,
That to him I said “I do.”

-J’Rie Elliott

J’Rie Elliott is a poetess as well as a contributing editor of Synchronized Chaos.  To contact her, send an email to dixiepoet@gmail.com