Poetry by Linda Allen

Just Another Day in the Life in Oklahoma


The grass is high

over my ankles in length

All the rain last week

made the grass sprout

like a child

all overnight

High noon I started to mow

Man was that dumb

It was a hot Oklahoma day

The sun was beating down on me

I mowed the front yard

and was sweating profusely

Neighborhood children playing

The sneezing and allergies were

more of an annoyance than all the sticks

that I had to dodge or be hit in the face

Bruises on my legs

show the truth

show the fact that I could not dodge

and walk at the same time

Thank God for nothing, but shade here

On to the right side yard

The grass is even taller over here

at about my lower thigh in length

Whoa the ground is softer than usual

I find myself sinking

Sneezing and allergies not so bad over here

Huh that is strange

Five minutes and I am done

I made better time than usual

On to the back yard

Wow! High Noon has a new meaning back here

The sun is beating down on me

No shade in sight

I always thought my backyard

was the surface of the sun

Today it was proved to me

Over half way finished and now there is

a size 9 foot print sized hole

in the yard

Sank to my ankle, the ground was

dry and soft all at the same time

HD Vision Aviators® sunglasses on my face

Still the sun is hot and bright

But the colors of the day are amazing

The greens, the blue skies and white clouds, and even the dirt brown is pretty

Just another day in the life in Oklahoma.


 Linda Allen may be reached at lindaallen4119@att.net.

4 thoughts on “Poetry by Linda Allen

  1. The sun is beating down on me…

    Is Oaklahoma attempting to change its name to Oaklahomo?

  2. Anonymous,
    I do not understand what you mean by your comment, but you need to be more respectful of people and place that are different from you and where you live, not to mention you need to learn to spell.

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