Poetry by Neila Mezynski


White On Brown


All dolled up, lookin good enough to wait, make ready to think stew spin wheel in place.

Answer comin up one minute now or then resume the hunt for gold as soon as nudge jolt

torpedo or grieve. They’ll leave soon enough peace to move breathe mouse quiet then,

don’t nobody look can concentrate then, no worry lookin good enough to wait , think, stew.. funny lines, sag, bag, hair on white.


Square one back to white , waiting for Godot or something else that’s heavy: baggage, gold boat. Got an idea no more no less white on brown tree, chair, anything that don’t move fast enough, paint. Plastered.


Angel Penny


Blue green pink 92 yr old tells the story of unloved unwanted copper things that sit in a corner but now they burn a hole in her sorely unsafe pocket so dear they are. Blue green pink lady she misses that.


Neila Mezynski