Poetry by Roy Huff


Born from a seed,

My foundation begins from well below.

I hold the earth in my feet

And expel the atmosphere from my lungs.

The wind and rain batter my soul,

But I remain strong, less a few dead leaves,

A haven to the needy and less fortunate,

And a shelter to the homeless.

Often neglected and abused,

But the dead wood is shed.

More powerful I grow,

And more useful I become.

Across the world my ancestors traveled,

Yet here my place remains,

A beacon to the lost

And a champion to the uncertain.

26 thoughts on “Poetry by Roy Huff”

  1. Was difficult to comprehend the meanings but it was really good, the metaphors had some immensely strong meanings. Good job

  2. The main point of this poem was simple to understand as it was stated in the very beginning. Has great uses of symbolism to describe the foundations of a growing tree. Outstanding job.

  3. Wow great poem! This inspired me to be more than what i am now! This sounded like a heart warming poem i respect that!

  4. A little difficult to comprehend. But overall it was a really great poem. you should write more poems!

  5. This is a very nice poem.I like this sentence:The wind and rain batter my soul,but I remain strong, less a few dead leaves

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