Poetry from Ahmad Al-Khatat

On The Ground of Death

I fell on the ground of death

as I felt guilt, shame, and humiliation

for being hopeless to ask for a slight assistance.

I missed my legs like a tree forfeited

its roots and branches in autumn

I saw my weight gain, stretch marks

but I found the legs of a soldier

They were seeping as I was sobbing

I erased my memories a few years ago

my reflections began to communicate louder,

since they were always an unspoken

My tongue was no longer a treasure

I wanted him to say my visions to stop weeping

I wanted him to notify my parts to stop bleeding

But he was muted, through every measure.

Montreal’s Moon

I saw Montreal’s moon in the eyes of Noemi,

Since then, I am a poet not broken

but fully spoken about devotion verses,

and emotional tales that brought tears

for three hundred sixty-five days.

Montreal blues hide when I am trying to find your shadow

The smile on my face was birthed after we passionately kissed

Hold my hands and take me away from the sorrows

I’m inhaling This world has turned me into a warrior

ashes of centuries ago

When I learned that I must love you

without any boundaries

Being friendly and helpful is not a struggle for a wounded man

The flowers that bloom from the first night we made affection

my body became numb

after I touched the sunshine in your heart

Love is not a tournament

that lasts for a few hours before bed

Your love is the soul that grows in your feelings

whenever I miss having you around my arms,

all the sad songs have a common way to describe

how much I miss being next to you by the sunsets.

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