Poetry from Ahmad Al-Khatat


I will promise you but first, promise yourself  
Be healthy as I promise you 
that nothing can disturb your peace of mind,
but remember to at the sunny horizon 
to breathe optimistically. 

Set your mind to be the best, 
to operate only for the best, 
and except only the best of your -self, 
force your inner self to maintain away   
from the mistakes of the past instead, 

Give a bit more time to the improvement of  
yourself, and shut the hours of criticizing  
others, and be the first smile of tomorrow  
and continue to ignore those cloudy souls. 

Each time that you think of me, I promise to you, 
I am here for you, not just a guest. 
Life has given us so much to live for, even  
if my heart is filled with sorrow, 

I'd however prefer to be around your gorgeous eyes, 
hearing your loving accent, and falling in  
love with your delightful scent that will be  
the spring with its colour to sketch my path. 

12/02/2021 © Bleeding Heart Poet