Poetry from Al Preciado

Jacaranda Blossoms

Warm morning slides over fatigue

Your fresh face saturates studio

I drink your passing eyes

Hazel tea flavored with kindness

Laugh, toast buttered in joy

I awake stone sober compelled like a television addict

Seeing your image floating like pesky fireflies, butterflies

Against my studio ceiling, rerun creatures

Circling my petrified heart like old movies, ancient loves

Evaporating in this torrid drought

The scorching dry spell of a man alone

Rains of comfort refuse to yield

Alleviating sweltering studio of solitude

And yet the miracle of your graceful gaze

Gathers and cools

Face of beauty, beautiful watercolor

And if the sky with its multitude of clouds

cannot release precious cargo

Rain dropping hellish afternoon

Your exquisite ice cream form parades and preens

An ice sculpture angel stepping, sweeping

by appreciating eyes which shudder and record

Nimble, glimmering body in wildflower motion

Tiger Lily twisting, Jacaranda blossom swaying, Roses swirling

Collected like a bouquet of your dancing spirit

Carved and shaped like a spinning rainbow serpent

In thunderous, enchanting rain dance

Bringing the waters flooding

Mojave of my ceaseless yearning


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