Poetry from Alexis Durante

1) Cracks in a Window

i’ve got bumps and bruises
scratches and scrapes
on most every inch of my skin
i’ve got a heart that cracks a bit
with every smile
because it can only take so much
but the cracks aren’t always so malicious
aren’t always seeking to destroy
the cracks
they’re a window
the tears and rips
let a little light in
when i need it most…

and think of it the least


2) The Little Death


the french call the orgasm
“le petit mort”
the little death
and i think the phrase was coined
keeping the way you kill me with those eyes
in mind



3) Butterflies


You must be tired

Of reading all these

Mustn’t you?

Must be tired

Of the pining

And desperation

And emotion

After emotion.

But at this point

It’s all I have

Save for ripping my sternum apart

And letting the cartoon hearts

Burst out of my chest

Along with those pesky little butterflies

That hide in my stomach

When I think of you.


4) Apart


I want you to take me apart with nimble fingers

Like hands that cautiously untangle a necklace

Or unravel a thread

I want you to pull me apart slowly

To the point where you do all the thinking

And I’m lying in your arms

Letting you do the things

You know that I need

I want you to stop me

From overthinking

I want you to take my breath away

And hold it

Hold it deep inside

To the point I can’t get it back

To the point where you have me inside and out

To the point where my body rests in your hands

Mind lucid

Soul, complete.



5) Chest Pains


I love you
More than the space in my chest allows.
Possibly more than my heart can take.
I feel it beating against my ribs,
so hard that even my lungs ache.
There will never be enough air in them
For the amount of times I want to breathe your name.
My love for you is relentless and wild,
Something I could never tame.

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