Poetry from Andrea Carr

Honorificabilitudinitas now, lost in sorrow
To know my worth is meaningless
I beg with mercy to a past I lost
To meet again; guide the way
Surrender thou judgments, thou hast
Smirk in merriment at hungers wake
To fill thou belly in evil’s make
Thou shalt mock thee away
With my soul I plead you take
Your grace; forgiving of the sins I made
I received your blessings a countless mass
Before my death, the last time I ask
Forgive me father you know my sins
My heart knows love
Though mistakes I made
I don’t deserve the grace you gave
When you see me after I am gone
I know not what to expect
Divine your purpose, I only guess
What lies ahead after, my death
When I reach the foot of your throne
Bow my head with my knees bent
To thank you father through all I done
To be with love in its purest form
Let me gaze my eyes upon thee
Oh beautiful one, eyes doth love thee
Thy spirit moved my heart
Now broken, longing for thou to touch.
A winter’s morn, doth willow wake
Scratch thy window
Early morn
Heavy snow fell from thy branch