Poetry from Arnab Kumar Roy





Road ahead,

The leering hyenas (rapists) waiting,

To taste a piece of meat (human flesh),

They are thirsty,

Rolling tongues,

I can see.


A nasty stare,

At my body,

I feel so dirty.


Taking a step,

I walk back,

Are they coming for me?



Strikes my heart,

Run, run

All I hear.


I try my best,

To run away,

But those weak legs,

Give away,

I fall down.




I lost my sense,

They have conquered me,

They throw water at my face,

I open my eyes,

To see their face,

Are they humans or a pack of wolves?

I ask myself.




Celebrations have begun,

I am lying on the ground,

Nowhere to run,


I plea,

To let me go,

I scream,


To no avail,

They took off my shirt,

Naked I Lie,

At their hands,



They taste my flesh,

Taking turns,

Again and again,

While I lie,

Tasting my tears salty taste,

Drops of blood,

Oozing out from my flesh,

They take a bloodbath,

At my expense,




Just before,

I close my eyes,

I see the moon shining bright,

While the stars calling me from behind.


(O! Maniacally perverted men please do not rape.)



  • By Arnab Kumar Roy


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