Poetry from Carolyn Havenhill

His Spirit

In the depth of this sorrow
My heart hears you weep
A prayer in the Bible
I hope you will read
God sends His Love
To Help Carry Us Through
No Matter what has been done to us
Or the things that we do.
He mapped out our future
For as we have been told
The Highways to Heaven
Are streets lined in Gold.
The angel song is as sweet
As Solomon would sing
Our clothes are the finest
Of garments he brings.
A table of silver
Where You are His Guest
A footstool in Heaven
For our weary feet to rest
Breathe deep and feel
His abiding love
Sent from above

Carolyn Havenhill, currently incarcerated in California for drunken driving and taking part in an accident which caused a woman to have a miscarriage, writes as part of a process to rebuild her life and give something positive back to society. She and her victim now write to each other as part of a mutual healing process, and Havenhill dedicates her poem, “His Spirit” to the memory of the unborn child. She intends to continue writing upon release and seeks other outlets to continue publishing her work. You may comment here if you would like to write to Carolyn, and we will give you her address with her permission.



I cherish days
under the sun

The smell of spring flowers
Each and every one

I cherish each day
as it comes to be new

but most of all
I cherish you



With each new day
with each new dawn
we each again
have time

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  1. Luv ur poems old friend .ive always kept u in my heart wifa. Its me ur old roomy cyclona.im sending my address so write me and i will answer. 311 s. Steckel dr. #D, santa Paula,ca 93060

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