Poetry from Cattail Jester

the Scramble
by Cattail Jester
mix-head, it’s a bag
of what in the world
what happened
to my mind,
all was as it should
have been
before I hit this
bump in the road
I should know, should know
things are clear
the course is honest
like a girl scout
then bam.

by Cattail Jester
no find your
way on this map
no easy trip
backyard pass through
there were a thousand
ways home when I was
a kid
now there’s only
room and it’s blocked
by a dog that has a taste
for my skin.
Too Early for Change
by Cattail Jester
it’s too damn
early to haggle
over pennies, Mr.
Taxi Man
thank you for
dropping me off
at my proper
don’t ask me to
count it all out
take it, take it,
no really,
you need it more than
I do
for where I’m going.