Poetry from Changming Yuan

Out of Night


in a world always half in darkness

your body may long have been soaked  

in a nightmare, rotting


but your heart can roam

like a synchronous satellite

in the outer space, leaving

the long night far behind

as long as your heart flies fast


and high enough, you will live

forever in light

Northern Skyline


At the same height of

Every rocky mountain

Above all seasonal change

A snowline is widely and cursively cut


As if to bite a whole patch of

Sky from heaven

With rows of rows of

Whale-like teeth

Updated: Chinglish vs Americhina


As halfyuans climb near

The wall-e to celebrate

Freedamn newly gained

From the innernet

As well as from don’trains

We antizens find ourselves living

A livelihard and getting poor

In the stuckmarket


Full of niubility

Some renowned profartssors

Keep playing zhuangbility

By acting like tuhaos

Trying to sponsor foulsball


Meanwhile, many a gambller

From our goveruptioin has to

Prepay for his own corpspend

Like a real shability because they

Cannot remain emotionnormal

After breaking the harmany

As they receive canslsensorship

Or play suihide with their conscience


There are people mountain people sea

All yakshitting over there

You can you up; otherwise

No can no bb, since you know

Well: no zuo no die

American Dream Anagrammed as American Politics




george bush : he bugs gore

reformer with results: true former whistlers

(hillary clinton : only i can thrill)

barack obama: a mr boa aback

change we can believe in: viewable chance engine

forward: far word

donald trump : old damp runt

make America great again: i am a[n] egg mania caretaker

[or] a cage earmarking tea

america first: a racer misfit 


A ram cairned me

In a crammed era [where]

Cameramen raid


A dire cameraman [or]

Arid cameramen




A creamed airman [or]

A carmine dream

A minced ram ear

[a] maniac rearmed


As freedom turns into a dorm fee

Democracy to a car comedy, and

Human rights to harming huts




You cut meat with sharp knives

We poke grasses with bamboo sticks


            You punch others with hard fists

We dance around you with taichi gestures


Your men fuck around everywhere outside your households

Our women lay babies right in your living rooms


            You colonize every city with an English syntax

We decorate each street with Chinese signboards


You deploy aircraft carriers near our waters and coasts

We marry girls to your princes and paupers


You enjoy setting fires and blowing winds along our long walls

            We have Chinese stomachs to digest all insults and injuries


You try every way to overthrow our government

We sell every artifact to help your people survive


            You borrow money from us to build more weapons

We work hard to make more money for your banks


 bio]:: Yuan Changming published monographs on translation before leaving China. With a Canadian PhD in English, Yuan currently edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan in Vancouver; credits include Best of the Best Canadian Poetry:10th Anniv. Ed., BestNewPoemsOnline, Threepenny Review and 1339 others worldwide.