Poetry from Christa Ward

I’ll never tell

There is mass in my throat

I swallow

Don’t Choke.

The mass is still there

I’m still suffocating.

I can still breath?

My lungs still work. Surprising me.

What is this knot in my throat?

I know…

It’s the tangle of words I cannot bring myself to say

Choking me.

They clog my tears too

So I do not cry.

A damn.


Poured down my throat until I can not speak at all.

Passing me in the street you would never know

I’ll never tell

4 thoughts on “Poetry from Christa Ward

  1. it’s beautiful! Something everyone feels at times but can’t quite express.

  2. I feel the pain in my heart when I read this. It’s amazing that words can evoke such emotions.

  3. Amazing….. Beautiful…. I can’t believe how much I resonate with these words. Thank you for sharing w the world.

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