Poetry from Christian Sorensen

Air Raid

People scream as bombers fly

Above the city at night.

Fire and smoke fill the sky

As soldiers cry in fright.

Houses burn and windows crack

As bombs rain upon the town,

Smoke from rubble shifts to black

Tears from faces trickle down.

Women cry while children dead

Rot upon the broken street.

Soldiers look on empty beds

Firemen combat smoke and heat.


Raid is o’er, the bombing done

Peace for now, with cooling guns.

Lost Keys

Woke up this morning

Ready for work

Keys – where are they?

I’ll be late!

Search for lost keys

Takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r



Found them

Oh no! I’m late!


My Imperfect Car

The Perfect Car

Has uncracked, spotless windows; shiny black skin;

Its top speed is 150 miles an hour;

With Artic-cold air conditioning and deafening radio

My Imperfect Car

Has shattered, greasy windows; mud-caked white skin;

Its top speed is 40 miles an hour;

With mild air conditioning and broken radio

Is True Love Blind?

No! I accept my car with all its faults-

That is True Love