Poetry from Dave Douglas

Love and Fear (and the Confusion in Between)

Love and fear

And the confusion

In between the lines

Of unbelief and faith

Led down a green mile

Of self-incarceration

With thickening walls

Trapped in the prison

Cells of our brains

Is the inability

Or unwillingness

To act prudently

Stumbling on shortsighted

Hope rotting and wilting

From social commentary

Swinging tongues of swords

In the mirk and mire

Of an endless grudge

Drawing lines

In the sandbox

Of prideful pillars

Or too quick to fall

Into passive holes

With frightened minds

Preying on fractured hearts

Led by false wisdom

Bowing to the gods

Of pseudo peace

And circular reasoning

Strangled by a noose

Of isolated imagination

In the wild dance across

The temples of blindness

Crying against the chaos

Lies an increasing

Chasm of fear

Blurred by fists filled

With a disturbing

Indifference for our neighbor

When all this time

On the opposing cliff

Above the confusion

“Perfect love drives out fear”

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